EUROFLAT was founded by Stelvio Salomone back in 1988, first as a Real Estate Agency “Euroflat Inmobiliaria” and as of 1995 it served as a comercial registry “Euroflat Consultores, S.L.”, focusing on the real estate services required by the mobile phone operators, to subsequently become a global telecomunications service provider.

Our highly qualified and experienced team, will provide operators and their suppliers a personalized approach.

Euroflat is curently based in 7 countries: Spain, Italy, France, México, Chile, Colombia and Morroco.

Milestones that marked out added value


  • 1988 - The beggining

    The company started off as a Real Estate Agency (buying-selling, leases, oficial appraisals, etc).
  • 1995 - Entry to the Mobile Phone Industry

    We became the first Spanish Mercantile company that specialized in offering site adquisition services to mobile phone operators. The first adquisitions made were for the operator, VODAFONE Spain (formerly Airtel Móvil).
  • 1999 - Morroco

    We opened the branch Euroflat Maroc, SARL in Morrocco to acquire locations for the Medì Telecom Operator throguh Ericsson Maroc.
  • 2000 - Telecomunications

    We established New Global Touch SL as a way to create a division that focused exclusively on telecom, separating it from the real estate branch.
  • 2001 - Italy

    Italia Euroflat Italia SRL , was created to offer site acquisition services and consulting, thus entering the italian market.
  • 2002 - Radioelectric Certification

    We formed Ibercontrol Ingeniería de Telecomunicaciones S.L in Spain, being one of the three companies to carry out the radioelectric certifications of Retevisión Móvil (Amena) and subsequently one of the three for France Telecom (Orange) both nationally.
  • 2004 - Constructive Engineering

    As Ibercontrol we started to carry out construction engineering projects for base stations to the Operator France Telecom (Orange).
  • 2008 - Chile

    We set up Chile Ibercontrol Ingeniería y Adquisiciones SRL to provide all types of telecom services to Chilean Operators, as the main project we highlight the “clean up” made to América Móviles (Claro) through its supplier Nokia Siemens Network (NSN).
  • 2012 - Rent Optimization

    We started focusing on optimizing rents in behalf of the operators, as of now our star product without a doubt. With the consequent reductions to the rents in the contracts that the operators maintain with the properties, we manage, on the one hand to reduce the OPEX of the operator and on the other to guarantee the longetivitiy of the location of the antenna on the property.
  • Present

    Currently, we specialize in carrying out telecomunication projects of mobile phone networks: starting from site acquisition, to the completion of the engineering project of the base stations, its radioelectric certifications for the Ministry, to its subsequent legalization at the corresponding City Council. Once the stations are operative, we optimize their rents (Rental).


Since our inception in the sector in 1995, our group of companies has acquired and signed more than 10,000 locations (“sites”), in Spain & Italy only, as well as certified more than 5.000 radioelectric emisions and optimized more than 3.000 rents.

  • Acquisitions (since 1995)
  • Legalizations (since 1995)
  • Portfolio of external consultants (since 1999)
  • Certificates of radio-electric emissions (since 2002)
  • Engineering Projects (since 2004)
  • Rent Optimization (since 2012)